Gossip n' Chill
"Gossip n' Chill" is here to bring you all types of tea and gossips around the castle. Collecting the gossips and spicy talks from all around the site and putting them in this blog for you all to read and chill. ❤️

- From : Yuzuki Miyawaki

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Akari Yamakita

Akari Yamakita Aries... you better not be

Aries Koizumi

Aries Koizumi Amazing article yukiiii

Nari Ahn

Nari Ahn hey, i thought it was a nice gift from Hoshi, we were bonding over our fondness of flowers, nothing else! *coughs*

Phoenix Wintermore

Phoenix Wintermore I love a good enemies to lovers!! Great blog Zuki <3

Baahir DaGyeong

Baahir DaGyeong my thoughts on anti-kissing stuff as a self-proclaimed asahisexual is very strong and no one not even merlin himself can silence me! well done on the gossip article, zuki!!

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd Very good tea as always, Zuki!!

Althea Lestrange

Althea Lestrange Amazing blog Zuki <3 You always deliver so good blogs <3

Yuri Lescheres

Yuri Lescheres Amazing blog

Marcellus Faulkner

Marcellus Faulkner very fun to read!

Phinneas Faulkner

Phinneas Faulkner great blog as always zuki! <3

Olympia Wolfe

Olympia Wolfe hmm....interesting, (amazing article yuzu, i luv it n.n)

Heiyu Tsang

Heiyu Tsang Hmmm…I wonder what are the two up to…*wiggles eyebrows* Maybe…?!

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