Butterbeer recipe
Did I hear Butterbeer? Butterwhere? Butterhere! In this blog post you will find the perfect recipe for Butterbeer, which serves 8 people, how great is that?! You can share it with your friends, serve it in your common room or make it at home :D

- From : Althea Lestrange

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Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne I've always imagined it to taste like lightly fermented cream soda and butter!<

Genevieve Schubert

Genevieve Schubert Oh my gosh I love Butterbeer! Fall's coming in, so this is the perfect time to brew it. ;p

Aira Hyun

Aira Hyun yum!! i will be sure to try out this recipe!! :D

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd Yum! This sounds so good!

Markella Faulkner

Markella Faulkner omg BUTTERBEERR ♥

Banned user

Banned user Looks delicious!

Novalie Levine

Novalie Levine Woow, looks yummyy! Will definetly try this!

Viviana Park

Viviana Park ooooo I would love try to make it soon. Thanks Althea!

Roman Kingsley

Roman Kingsley This is perfect for the current season!

Ocean Albino

Ocean Albino yummy! looks so good

Heiyu Tsang

Heiyu Tsang Wow, thanks, Althea! I’ll be sure to try this recipe out!

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