Gossip n' Chill
"Gossip n' Chill" is here to bring you all types of tea and gossips around the castle. Collecting the gossips and spicy talks from all around the site and putting them in this blog for you all to read and chill. ❤️

- From : Yuzuki Miyawaki

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Marcellus Faulkner

Marcellus Faulkner well i am all updated and kian (eyes)

Althea Lestrange

Althea Lestrange ohhh I love this! Great job Yuzuki c:

Yuri Lescheres

Yuri Lescheres I wonder who this mysterious couple is

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd Ooo always such good tea

Sienna Granger

Sienna Granger OOH I WANNA KNOW WHO IT IS well done yuzuki great gossip!

Olympia Wolfe

Olympia Wolfe olympia? uh i've never heard of her wdym- AMAZING BLOG YES, ILY ZUKI

Aurora Sanchez

Aurora Sanchez Hehe... can't wait to see what happens next

Aira Hyun

Aira Hyun whose aira? don’t know her :D LOVELY BLOG YUZU!!

Aries Koizumi

Aries Koizumi amazing article once more yuki! What an article to read when relaxing u.u

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