Staffy Sunday!
Staffy Sunday is a weekly blog post where I, (the best person in da world) Suri Ahn will be interviewing/questioning the lovely staff members of WoP US to get their OOG (out-of-game) answers to some questions!

- From : Suri Ahn

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Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne Adalia, this interview is good, but it only is an appetizer to who you really are!

Andromeda Grey

Andromeda Grey Love you, Adalia! You are amazing!

Olympia Wolfe

Olympia Wolfe ADDIE-PIEEE my amazing best friendddd 😭 ❤ i luff the blog, sour suri ! <3

Phinneas Faulkner

Phinneas Faulkner i love this so much!!! :D

Yuzuki Miyawaki

Yuzuki Miyawaki Loved the blogggg!! and we stan ada , dont we? amazing human she is uwu

Aira Hyun

Aira Hyun Ada! <3 we LOVE you, you very amazing person! lovely article Surii as alwayss!

Venus Magnolis

Venus Magnolis ALIAAAA my beautiful amazing splendiferous mentee 🤩💜✨ *throws purple dragon-shaped confetti*

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