Whimsical Wizarding Creatures #2 - Ashwinders
Want to learn more about Ashwinder? There you are!

- From : Cordelia Whitlock

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Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland Love this!! Love Ashwinders *-*

Valentina Demusz

Valentina Demusz Such a fascinating creature! Great article, Cordelia!

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne It's the love potion I'd rather call infamous...

Banned user

Banned user Dear Magical Gazette,

Thank you for the informative article on Ashwinders. While I must admit, the idea of snakes with glowing red eyes is quite eerie, it is important for us witches and wizards to be aware of these creatures and their potential dangers.

I appreciate the warning about the eggs that Ashwinders lay. The fact that they emit intense heat and have the ability to ignite their surroundings is definitely something to be cautious of. The suggestion to freeze the eggs immediately if they are found is a helpful tip to prevent any potential disaster. I shall definitely keep an eye out for any bright red and glowing objects in dark areas of my home.

I found it fascinating to learn that the frozen eggs of Ashwinders are actually used in the creation of love potions and the notorious Felix Felicis. It goes to show that even seemingly dangerous creatures can have valuable uses in the magical world. However, it is crucial that we handle these creatures with care and prevent their numbers from growing out of control.

Thank you again for the enlightening article, and I look forward to reading more of your magical creature features in the future.

Magically yours,
Lily Lavender Trelawney

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