Guess the Potion °.•˚₊ Edition #1
Check out "Guess the Potion" which challenges your wizarding knowledge with riddles tied to iconic Harry Potter potions – figure it out, submit your answer, and stand a chance to win a cool prize!

- From : Azrael Whitlock

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Alexia Kelly

Alexia Kelly I haven't brewed potions in so long this is a great test of knowledge!

Leanne D'arcy

Leanne D'arcy Ahhh Azrael!! Gorgeous idea, gorgeous code! ♡♡

Asmodeus Whitlock

Asmodeus Whitlock Once again Azrael has done it again. Constantly raising the bar for all of us ♥️ what a great idea and cute code

Brayden Scott

Brayden Scott Fun! This is a cool idea!

Andre Silverthorn

Andre Silverthorn Ohh such a great idea I love it!

Victoria Berge

Victoria Berge yesss cool idea Ariel<3

Marilhéa Faulkner

Marilhéa Faulkner love this!! ♥

Amity Castelle

Amity Castelle Such a cute idea! Thank you so much, Az, and good luck to everyone! <3

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