Butterbeer Cookies Recipe
Hello hello guys! Sweet May is upon us, and spring is really here now! What better way is there than to celebrate with some sweet tasty cookies? Keep reading to find out how to make some soft butterbeer cookies with white chocolate chips!

- From : Althea Lestrange

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Alice Dumont

Alice Dumont Merlin, Althea! This is amazing! I want to try it so bad. :)

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne Oh my. Antares, butterscotch is a specific kind of caramel.

Edwin Gallagher

Edwin Gallagher HARK! HERE COMES MY SUGAR ADDICTION! Thank you Althea for a wonderful job!!

Heiyu Tsang

Heiyu Tsang Althea, this. Is. Amazing. Thanks so much for yet another delicious recipe!

Asmodeus Whitlock

Asmodeus Whitlock Sounds so delicious, and this code is sooo beautiful

Antares Black

Antares Black I am now very hungry and I would definitely make them if I had a clue of what butterscotch is.

Venus Magnolis

Venus Magnolis oooh these sound yummy :o

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