Rolf Scamander - The Wizarding World’s Most Intriguing Magizoologist
This blog post on World of Potter US is dedicated entirely to the mysteries surrounding Rolf Scamander, a character of the Harry Potter universe with many connections to those we know and love, and a history entirely of his own. Find out more about his upbringing in the Scamander family, his ever-growing love for magical creatures, and how he followed the footsteps of his grandfather, continuing his legacy. Rolf Scamander was both, intertwined with the events of Fantastic Beasts, but also the generation of Harry Potter. A renowned Magizoolgist, husband to Luna Lovegood, grandson of Newt and Porpentina Scamander, a mystery to Potterheads. And someone we almost got to know in the books. Almost.

- From : Andrew Sutherland

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Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland to be honest, before researching him I did not even know that he existed. I am looking forward to researching more about these hidden gems, and honestly? I would have loved to see him be part of the books, I wanna know how that would have played out! :D

Auriga Wolf

Auriga Wolf What’s this? A Magizoologist that is also involved in Quidditch and the treatment of creatures?! Can anyone BE more perfect?! Well, join us for History of Magic later this year and FIND out for yourself ;)

Archimedes Catigern

Archimedes Catigern Oh so many interesting facts! I did not know half of them! What a guy! <3

Brayden Scott

Brayden Scott I always thought Luna was a fun character, so it's great to know that she settled down with such a great guy like Rolf. I didn't know anything about him before reading this article, but they seem like a perfect match for each other!

Iphigenia Lakewood

Iphigenia Lakewood Oh my, haven't heard of this Rolf before, but he seems like an interesting fellow indeed. I myself know how inspiring grandparents can be, and it's nice to know that he followed the footsteps of his grandfather Newt. And who doesn't love Newt!? An admirable legacy to carry with him.

Shay Carver

Shay Carver Woah! Luna and Rolf? That's surprising! It was interesting reading about his early life too.

Valentina Demusz

Valentina Demusz I've never heard of this Rolf before! Intriguing. Great information here!

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne A very informative piece to those - like yours truly - who are unfamiliar with the HP derivates.

Meridia Stawarski

Meridia Stawarski I absolutely love this! It's provided lots of amazing information on a character I wasn't even aware of!!

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