Aurelius Dumbledore: A Mystery Solved, Or Is It?
With the Fantastic Beast movies, new revelations about Albus Dumbledore’s family and background were discovered, and not only were we taken on a journey to follow the young Albus, but we met a new relevant personality - Aurelius Dumbledore. In this blog we will explore the mysteries surrounding this man.

- From : Andrew Sutherland

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Auriga Wolf

Auriga Wolf I always found interesting how Aurelius looks and is nothing like Albus or Aberforth. I still think there was a mix up and he is secretly Lestrange.

Harry MacGonnagalfson

Harry MacGonnagalfson Oh Aurelius Dumbledore? I admit I do not remember much from the Fantastic Beast 2 and 3. I think I saw it, but just don't remember much... it was very confusing. But I like the first Fantastic Beasts. Newt and Jacob are hilarious as they try to catch the animals. I think I would like Fantastic Beasts 4 but only if they are like the first movie.

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