Professor Flitwick: Master of Charms, Eagles, and Intelligence
In this article, we dive into the history of Professor Filius Flitwick, a character that may not have gotten the screen time he deserved, but indeed has a very interesting life and personality. Follow along and read about his time as a student at Hogwarts, his work as a teacher, and his impressive, but often overlooked skills. This blog article is presented to you by Leora Cargile, thank you!

- From : Andrew Sutherland

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Archimedes Catigern

Archimedes Catigern What a lovely article on Flitwick Leora! I have to say I forgot they changed his appearence so much! Somehow I thought it is another character and not thought about it much, ups :) His most impressive feat? Never giving up and staying awesome and cool.

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne This little guy is a giant.

Leora Cargile

Leora Cargile Wheeee it's Professor Flitwick! Having given it thought whilst researching..I think his most impressive feat is retaining such resilience throughout his life!

Auriga Wolf

Auriga Wolf I love Flitwick's humour :D Him telling Professor Umbridge that he could have gotten rid of the sparklers himself easily, but wasn't sure whether he had the authority, was awesome! In the movies there are couple scenes like this as well. :) Amazing article Leora! <3

Pooky Sullivan

Pooky Sullivan His most impressive feat is to just being him.. Flitwick is gold! Such a small wizard with such a big heart

Theodore Levale

Theodore Levale That’s remarkably impressive. I didn’t even know he was a duelist but I can’t say I’m surprised since he was a great wizard :) and awesome article Leora!

Cionrika Borealis

Cionrika Borealis This was so beautifully written! I'm learning a whole lot more about the wizard himself and appreciating him more at that. Despite the distasteful prejudices at the time, he did not let it get to his head that he continued to pursue his goals. What a role model!

Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland Thank you so much, Leora, for this awesome summary of Flitwick - I did not even know that he was so skilled at duelling, never gave it much thought :O You did a really good job with this, love to learn new things every day :D

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