Winter Ball this Weekend !!!
Do you have a DATE to the Ball ?

- From : Anya Venenum

                    Winter Ball This Weeked

That is right there is going to be a ball ! So to all you Witches and Wizards out there get your dancing shoes and your best dress robes its time to PARTY ! 




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                          Tips for the Lads. 

1)  Okay boy's you need to just look at the person that has your heart, look deep into their eyes and ask them out. 


2) What scared NOPE ! Do it if they say no that is okay, you can come with your other single friends it's going to be a Ball ! 


3)  You have time try asking them Skating or out in a Topic before hand. 




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                       Tips for the Ladies. 

1) Let`s be real girls sometimes you need to drop a hint to the lucky one you like.


2) Scared to go to the Ball single ? Don't be go hang out and have fun who knows, you might see the Head of Slytherin fall on his booty trying to dance. 


3) Tired of waiting for that one person to ask you out ? Do it just ask send them an Owl and see what you get back after all they might just say yes !







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                             Tips for All. 

1)  You don't need to have a date to have fun, get some friends and have some fun in the winter wonderland.


2) Do not just assume you two are going talk about it if you are a couple. 


3) Think you can't dance well that is okay no one really can. So come show off the moves you did not know you had. ( If you think you are that bad, owl the Charms teacher WE hear that he is quite the dancer. ) 


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Mia Wood

Mia Wood Soo exited !! Who want to go with me??

Luthiem Hargreaves

Luthiem Hargreaves This is going to be so much fun!!!

Ethan Charles

Ethan Charles This is gonna be awesome!

Caitlynn Petty

Caitlynn Petty This sounds like a mega blast! Definitely gonna try to make some friends at the ball.

Banned user

Banned user I will have the most beautiful dress

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