Don't Be A Job Flunky
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- From : Mykal Stonewell



The first time you apply for a job can be really scary. So I’m gonna list a few things you should do , or should not do at some job applications


Let's talk about the Librarian/Journalist positions. People who apply for these jobs, sometimes think they’re smarter than their boss, meaning that they will go to one of the other sites (i.e: the dutch site, or the danish site) and copy an ENTIRE article, then translate it, and then send it in as their own work. That’s one of the most STUPID things you can do, because your boss does have sources on the other sites. What gets you the job, is writing an article that not only fits the newspaper you applied for, but also make it well-written, long enough and original. For the Librarian position, you need to be able to write, and maintain books, so if you’re a writer who can write stuff about HP or WoP these are the jobs for you.



For Backstory/Prefect positions it requires a lot of work. For the Prefect position, if you already like to see how far you can push a rule, then don’t do it.the Prefect job is pretty important as you get to call people out when they don’t follow the rules. Then you have the backstory team, they also have an important roll as they look threw 20 people's backstories a day and make sure that their backstory follows the rules.


The most important thing you need for a job, is you need to be responsible. If you have a job and don’t follow the rules it will lead to warnings and then the potential firing of a that said person. Another important thing that you need for a job is to have fun, yes it is a job but doesn't mean you can't have fun.


This one’s a bit shorter because most of the things you shouldn’t do are a lot of common sense, but I just took the most common jobs with the most common mistakes…. so that’s all folks!


                                                                                                               Written by: Ryu Azuki

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