Ophelia's Declassified Hogwarts Survival Guide
Job Week: Social Media Team

- From : Melody Santos

Do you have a lot of free time after classes? Are you itching to find something to do around Hogwarts? Maybe, you’re looking for a way to get involved and branch out into the Wizarding community? If you answer yes to any of these questions, the Work Study Program might have some interest to you here at Hogwarts.  It’s so fetch to get involved, like really /so fetch/. Though, it can be a bit nervous for first time goers. I know I had those very jitters when I was applying for the wonderful SoMe team.



It can be a little more than jitters, honestly. I spent weeks contemplating my application, really you could ask around some of my fellow sneks. I was a wreck, a pretty wreck, but still a wreck. The cool thing about when applying though, is that the peers of these awesome teams are just an owl away and are always willing to chit chat and give advice! I wanted to give you an insider’s scoop on these jobs since they’ve been posted everywhere by now so you can hopefully see what job best suits you as a working student at Hogwarts! This will be a series blog that will span over the next few weeks as I cover each group with the interviews I’ve required! If you’re also in one of these teams and would like to be interviewed and your group hasn’t been posted yet, send me a hasty owl!


First Round: Social Media Team aka the cutest Boysenberries!

Name: Ophelia Savage

Year: Second Year


What made you interested in joining the job you have?


I love working in creative positions, the type that makes you think of different ways to produce something. Social Media has such a broad spectrum from blogs, to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snap chat, that lets you reach out to all sorts of communities and people out there. Plus, the cool thing about SoMe is that every post is different. Every post requires its own unique angle. I think that’s why it’s so fun. A bonus is that definitely got my interests was writing blogs. I love being able to reach out to the students and connect them with all the things they need at Hogwarts in my own whacky style, so Blogs are amazing to do that with and there are sooooooo many possibilities for blogs that it’s endless on what you can write about and draws people in and out of their shells.


How long have you been on your team?


I’m a baby. I just started as of two weeks ago, but I’ve enjoyed every second of it so far!


Could you briefly describe your job from your perspective and what it is that you do?


SoMe is essentially connecting you guys, our wonderful students, to the outside world and the world of Hogwarts. For instance, if you guys have kept up with by Survival Guide from last week, I’m here to give information, fun facts, and even adventures. More so, I’m here to hopefully get a smile or even a laugh out of one or two of you guys while also getting you guys where you need to be with surviving here at Hogwarts. As of the team, we do a lot to build up the social media background of the site. It’s like building a presence of the glorious WoP on all those fancy muggle gadgets out there but we get to use Piro’s immense supply of glitter and make it all pizazz!


Do you have a daily/weekly routine with your job, if so, what is it?


I do have a weekly routine. So, every week, starting on Tuesday I start brainstorming ideas for my new subject for my Blog Series: Ophelia’s Declassified Hogwarts Survival Guide. Once I have my idea down, I send it to Melody who then approves which is when I start writing! I usually send in the article to her on Sundays and they’ll be posted for your guys to see on Mondays. I also talk to Melody all the time so that’s in my routine because, if you haven’t met her, she’s terrific!


What are some of the fun things you’ve gotten to do with your job?


So far, it’s been writing my blog and being able to let lose my creativity when it comes to ideas. Melody is very open when it comes to bouncing around ideas which makes it so much easier than having to conform and calm down the ‘dream bigs’. Another fun thing, was writing a snippet for Melody’s Gossip Blog. That whole thing was absolutely funny because, I was a goofball who got way too excited over writing it out and the cool thing, was Melody worked with me and let me actually have a chance to post it to her own Gossip Blog. That was my first experience on the SoMe team too which really made my day with it. Also, working with Melody has been a great experience and fun. She’s always understanding and incredibly creative. It gives the team good vibes and creates a relaxing atmosphere.


What do you think is the most important quality someone needs to have in order to strive at this job?


 The most important quality I would say is creativity. We all have creativity in us, but you definitely need to let it loose a little more in a job like this and not be afraid to go that extra mile with it. It’s good for it to run wild and let the cogs in your head spin to work.


If you had to say something to a student aspiring to join the ranks of your job, what advice would you give them?


Don’t second guess yourself! If you want to apply, do it. SoMe is something that I enjoy and I believe you guys would too. Don’t be afraid of your imagination or let anything hinder you, bring everything that is you to the table and we will welcome you with open arms and all the candy and butterbeer we have to offer.



Stay Savage my Friends and keep a look out for next week’s blog,




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Caius Thorley

Caius Thorley Wonderful job!

Carina Lee

Carina Lee Great job Pippa!!

Ophelia Savage

Ophelia Savage Thank you guys!<3 Stay tuned for next weeks, I'll be posting up our lovely AT's :)

Genevieve Schubert

Genevieve Schubert An amazing blog article, Ophelia! As always!

Morgana Rosenberg

Morgana Rosenberg This is adorable. XD

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