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I Sought The Stories

Tala: Chapter 1


Welcome to the all new blog series, "I SOUGHT THE STORIES"! I am so very excited to be writing this blog! My name is Kilikani, but you can call me Kils or Kili. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I love writing it!


We'll be exploring muggle literature: mainly fiction, but we'll through in some other genres. The genre of the week is: FANTASY! Muggles use this term when they write about worlds that they make with their own imagination. Itis the most fun to write and I know everyone writes fantasy!


This blog is a sample blog for my first post to see if I like the layout of my ideas. I encourage you to READ ON!!

Rebel Childe OUT!




Main Carachter

Emmanuelle Deidre


Age: 13

Personality: Shy, Energetic, Adeventurous, Outdoorsy

Role: Caretaker of Kayan


Tala is a magical forest that is about 100 sq miles. It is seperated into 5 regions. No one in Tala hurts eachother but have their own magical food. Only descandents of a ancient Indian tribe can enter Tala. More infto to come in later posts!

Tala: Chapter 1

It was a glistening morning as I ran through the wooded forest. My eyes stung with tears after the shoddy quarrel with my over-protective father. It had been a hard time for me, sure, but this fight had gone over the top. There was too much bottled up inside my heart that needed to be released.


My feet rumbled against the forest floor and my heart pounded out of my chest. It was as if a thousand, maybe a million, little mosquitos were biting into my skin, if that was even humanly possible.


“Emmanuelle!” I hear a distant voice call, but I ignored it. “Em! Cometh swiftly! Tis the fawn! He is hurt!” My feet pound harder, my tears fading away as my natural


instinct to help kicks in. “Where, Ophelia? Where’s the fawn? Which one? Dia or Fauna? Is it Kyler?!!” My questions ramble on as I follow the large owl that is soaring through the sky.


“Tis Dia!” Ophelia answers, soaring lower towards the trees. “Tis a hunter! Medical is coming!”


My boots instantly filled with water as my body jerks down. Down and down, as I see the river inches from my face. My screams are swallowed by gallons of water, and my hair is soaked. A cold surrounds me, and I quickly start to thrash my arms.


My arms feel jerky and sore and my vision is fading. Fading, and fading.


“Dia!” I yelled, as my breathing came riggedly. “Oh my gosh! No..” I quickly pulled the warm covers over my head, and snuggled deeper into my bed. It was only a dream, I tell myself.


“Em?” I hear my dad’s soothing voice call from outside my room. “You up? We have to get moving if you want to get on our way to Colorado!”


“No.” I grumble, still under the covers. “I hate it. I hate it! We don’t need to go to Colorado! Do we? I mean, why there? Why not Florida, or Virginia, or some other state that ends with an ‘a’!”


I hear him walk into my room and he pulls at my blanket.


“Too cold!” I grumble, thinking of the cold Vermont weather that awaited me out of my bed. “As much as I hate this cold weather, Colorado is just as cold as Vermont, you hear?”


“No, I can’t hear you when you are trying to ignore your father by hiding under the blankets.” He laughs, yanking the blankets off me.


I curl into a ball to conserve heat, and see my dad wearing a shirt, jeans, and his sneakers. “Sneakers. Seriously? It’s like..” I trail off, not wanting to get up to look at my alarm clock. “I don’t know. Maybe seven?”


“Try nine, sweetie. Nice try. I want you dressed and downstairs in ten minutes, okay?” Then he walks out of my room, still smiling.


I groan loudly and sit up, a wave of nausea hitting me. I shake it off and stand up, feeling dizzy. Stupid dream. Stupid, stupid dream. I had been having those types of dreams lately, and they were concerning. I mean, it was impossible to talk to animals. Much more for them to understand and respond back, that is.


From my closet, I grab my usual outfit. I loved this outfit. I always wore it when it was clean. It consisted of a blue long sleeve shirt, a gray t-shirt with a fox on it, gray leggings, and a blue skirt.


Running down the hall, I entered the living room and find my dad amongst millions of boxes. These boxes had been part of my life for two weeks now, signaling the one thing I hated the most: moving. Yes, moving. We we’re moving to this dark place of Colorado.


My dad has kept telling me how beautiful Colorado is, but I won’t believe it until I see it. Meanwhile, I flipped my hair over my shoulder while brushing a finger over one of the boxes. So many memories are going to be lost.


“Emy!” Dad calls. “You’re breakfast is getting cold, hurry up!”


On the table sits a bowl of oatmeal, which was not steaming. I sat down quietly and took a bite, savoring all the flavors. I just didn’t want to move! I was happy here! This is where my mom grew up, and myself. My school was horrible, sure, but the whole town in general was beautiful. We even had a waterful!


“How is it?” A loud band echoes through the house as I look up to see my Dad, just had set down a large box. “I mean... the oatmeal.”


I glance up, “Cold, but whatever. What time are we leaving?”


“Once all these boxes are in the truck and you say goodbye.” Dad squeezes my cheek, and smiles at me. “It will be okay, Emy, I promise!”


I push his hand away and stare down at my oatmeal. Then I push the oatmeal aside and stare at all the boxes. They would haunt my life forever. Well, maybe not forever, but I didn’t want to see them ever again.


“Is the mover truck here yet?” I grumble.


“Just pulled in.” Dad said and pointed to the boxes. “Help me load ‘em up?”


My heart aches when I pick up the first box. But I push that aside and help Dad load them into the truck. Some are heavier than others, while some are lighter.


“Remind me again how far away it is?” I ask while Dad closes the door to the moving van. “Just... wondering.”


“Don’t worry about that, okay? Just remember that were moving to the country, and the country is full of adventure.”


The country. I lived in the village, so the country would be a big adjustment to me. I wasn’t sure how I was going to change, but I was sure it wouldn’t be that hard. Even though I’ve always wanted to live in the country, I’m happy in the village.


I follow dad back into the house. He check every nook and cranny for anything we left behind. My dog, Jaya, comes over to me. I rub my hand on her back as we wait patiently for my dad to finish. Jaya leans against me, and I lean back. At least Jaya was coming with us. I couldn’t live without her. She was my best friend.


“Why?” I ask myself as I stuff my face into her fur. “Why do we have to move?”



Thanks for reading this installment of I Sought The Stories! Feel free to owl me if you have any questions or writing prompts for future posts!


This blog post has been written by:

Kilikani Ebbets FC Kilikani Ebbets

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Alexandra Schiller

Alexandra Schiller Really great story!

Valentina Demusz

Valentina Demusz Great job Kili! I'm so proud of you daughter!

Caitríona Hayes

Caitríona Hayes This is great Kilikani!

Jenna Patil

Jenna Patil Awesome story! You're amazing!

Abegail Harris

Abegail Harris AHHH! I'm so proud Kili!!!! Well done to my amazing younger sister!

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Nice!

Azoulas Laurinaitis

Azoulas Laurinaitis Brilliant job!

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