Your Bi-Weekly Horoscope Wk 1, Yr 13
Want to know what your week has in store for you? If yes then read on ahead and see what your horoscope is!

- From : Caitlin Alves


Have you ever wondered what your future has in store for you? Well this could be a looking stone for what may just happen in the next week.

This week is a good time to sit down and let out some bottled up emotion. It may be also be a good time to think about situations that you have been holding onto for a while, you may be able to find the solution you have been after.

Because of this it may be a good time to find someone to vent and let out all your emotions to weather this be a close friend or family member or a therapist.


This week you may find yourself being busy this may be with your friends or focusing hard on the homework you have been procrastinating. But be careful all of this energy isn't always a good thing.

If you are wanting to start new friendships with adventurous people this week would be a good time to spark those friendships.


Have you been thinking that you want to get into shape? Well this week is the perfect time to do so. You may find yourself more motivated to work out and if you are feeling up to it you may be able to convince a friend to go with you.

At the same time this may been a good week to plan to do some homework or something else you have been putting off. Some amazing opportunities may be waiting for you.


After all the craziness that has happened in the last few weeks, this is the week where you should have a relaxed week. This is a great time to hang out with a few friends and really enjoy life, when it is over you may be eager to get back to focusing on school. Just remember sometimes it's nice to let your hair down and have a little bit of fun.

This week may be a good time to plan some fun social events. Like making a move on the person you have a crush on or talking to someone new.


This week may be a good time to take the week off school and go home to spend time with family, there may be a family reunion you don't know about. Just bear in mind that these events won’t be quite and may be a good opportunity to have some fun with your loved ones.

It may also be a good time to get together with some old friends and even invite some new ones to join you.


Have you been wanting to sell some old things? This is the week to do it. You may find it easier to sell what you want to sell or even promote something you are interested in. With this ability, you will be able to make quite an impression

Although with that being said it is also a good time to let your hair down a little bit and have a bit of fun with your friends.


This week you may be focusing a little more on your money, not so much in saving it though. You may get a need to buy something nice. Just be careful though it is important to budget so you don't spend it all.

Despite all this you may feel a little bit more in control this week so be sure to put your mind to something and do something amazing.


This week is a great week to go for something that you want. You will stand out over other people this week. Your natural leadership skills will shine through so if you are wanting to go for a new job this week is the time to do it.

Your standing out moves beyond your leadership skills this week. You may also find that lots of people would like to be your friend or even more so keep an eye out.


This week would be a good week to resolve ongoing issues in your life, expressly ones that are preventing you from moving forward from them. With this it would also be best to hold of starting anything new.

You may also find that this week is a joyous occasion in your family so flick your family an owl and see if there is anything going on that may be worth going to.


This week you may find yourself the center of everyone’s attention. This will be good for any friendships you are wanting to build or even a romantic interest you are hoping to ignite.

This week would also be a good week to bring something that you have really wanted to do to light and give it a go. You may find it easier then you thought.


This week for you will be a relaxing week and you may find yourself very happy, this would make it a good time to go off and find a new and exciting opportunity and embrace new challenges that you may face.

If you are feeling comfortable this week may be a good week to show off all your skills and talents. This is a time where you are able to show yourself off.


This is a great week to welcome new things into your life. You may find that a opportunity arises that you can't refuse and you may really enjoy it even if it is a new challenge you are deciding to take on.

This week you may find that all your hard work pays off. You may find that you get a little break in your homework or you get an amazing grade on some work you worked hard on.



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Vanessa Robertson

Vanessa Robertson Leo appoves :)

Scarlett Joyce

Scarlett Joyce Awesome post! Go Cait!! :D *waves Pisces around*

Keith Kogane

Keith Kogane I don't know how I got here, but I approve as well.

Eleanor Rook

Eleanor Rook *scorpion noise of approval*

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Great post Cait! Aries for me! :D

Chloe Lune

Chloe Lune Amazing article! I'm an Aries, and this actually makes perfect sense considering my plans for the rest of the week!

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