Amazing Creatures of Magic - Horned Serpent
Letʻs take a deep dive

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Amazing Creatures of Magic

Horned Serpent


Welcome back to the second post in the Amazing Creatures of Magic series. In the last post we discussed Bowtruckles, but in this post we will be going over a much more dangerous animal; the Horned Serpent. Letʻs dive in.




Ministry Classification: XXXXX Beast


Information About Them:

This snake-like creature with black skin and blue eyes can mostly be found in water in Western Europe or the Far East of North America. It is an animal that can be recognized by their jeweled forehead on some of the species or by sounding danger through the sound of a low musical note. Because of their eyes, they are seen as being intelligent.



Even though they were hunted into extinction, the Horned Serpents were said to be native to Western Europe in ancient times. They became extinct through being hunted because there were wizards searching for ingredients that could be found in potions. Later, the Horned Serpent would be used as a house symbol at Ilvermorny by a witch who had managed to befriend and understand one of the creatures. It was after this moment that the shavings of the creature could be used as a core for wands.



Fun Fact: The jewel that can be found in their foreheads are said to grant the powers of flight and invisibility.


Outside of the magical world, the Horned Serpent could be found in Native American mythologies as well as East Asia, both of which are different from how the wizards depict the creature to be.



Thatʻs all for this post. Hope you found some of this information to be very helpful, and I will see you all when I post next.


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