Creature ID: Hippogriff
When creatures start having IDs, you know that the world has truly modernized. Hogwarts wants all of its creatures to have ID cards, else be punished. Since Hogwarts professors don't want to do it themselves, they've put you and I to the job!

- From : Ingrid Potter

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Billie Easton

Billie Easton A very cool and innovative idea Ingrid! Can't wait to see what other creatures you write about.

Ffion Corbyn

Ffion Corbyn Love this!

Alice Bulstrode

Alice Bulstrode He is more than welcome in the CoMC class. Tell him to sign up. I'll even let him off of writing essays.

Christina Alonso

Christina Alonso Ingrid has returned woho! I loved reading about this, didn’t know they had id’s (wink)

raven olsi

raven olsi Ingrid! your back with your amazing and awesome blogs! ajsksh,and wow id's Hogwarts really is taking a leap towards the future, and its a Leo like meh

Adalia Black

Adalia Black Ooh Hippogriffs! :o

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