What Male Member of Staff are you ?
Have you ever wondered what Male Staff member you are most like well here is your chance !

- From : Anya Venenum

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Sybil Weasley

Sybil Weasley Jacob.

Drew Gale

Drew Gale I got Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

Drew Gale

Drew Gale I'm unique, like Drew

Jacob Grabowski

Jacob Grabowski 3 people got me. I cri

Kain Savant

Kain Savant I got Kaion

Anne Notebaert

Anne Notebaert Elijah

Anastasia Schild

Anastasia Schild Im a prankster

Gracelynn Black

Gracelynn Black I got Aske

Korak Farshadow

Korak Farshadow I got Jacob

Carmelita Pendragon

Carmelita Pendragon I got Zachary

Cyrus Kingsford

Cyrus Kingsford I got Aske. Pretty accurate :)

Gwen Rayn

Gwen Rayn Welp, I got Arluin IRL. Otherwise I got Zachary, Magical Legends and Tales Teacher.

Brea Warbeck

Brea Warbeck Jacob ;)

Jazmine Wesley

Jazmine Wesley I got Aske

Caitlynn Petty

Caitlynn Petty Kaion

Melody Elswood

Melody Elswood I got my Zach <3

Alex Fullbuster

Alex Fullbuster I got Darth

Ivy Wolfbane

Ivy Wolfbane I got Nero *hearts* My IRL self got Jacob though xD

John Reese

John Reese I got Aske. This was a really cool idea. i hope we can do more stuff like this

Skye Lowe

Skye Lowe i got kaion

Belle Hogan

Belle Hogan I got Aske

Aske Stark

Aske Stark Is it now I say I got Nero or Arluin?? XD

Bailey Johnson

Bailey Johnson Yes I got Mama Snek! Achievement Unlocked!

Melody Santos

Melody Santos Elijah!

Luthiem Hargreaves

Luthiem Hargreaves HA! I got Darth! ^^ Can't complain.

Heather Thorman

Heather Thorman Arluin!

TJ Dash

TJ Dash I got Aske.

Yuna Blain

Yuna Blain Zachary

Indigo Kaif

Indigo Kaif didnt realize this was a quiz but I took it and got Aske.

Inanna Ambrose

Inanna Ambrose I got Aske

Gillian Barnes

Gillian Barnes Aske! Head of my house! :)

Natalie Metzger

Natalie Metzger Arluin

Indigo Kaif

Indigo Kaif Im a mixture of Elijah and Arluin or maybe they are a part of me because I am 53 and they are babies.

Nessa Leka

Nessa Leka I remember taking this! I got Arluin ^-^

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