Travelling Tuesdays: Texas, U.S.A.
It's time for the last installment of the 3-part story on my trip I took! Join me as I wrap it up!

- From : Brittany Black


It's the last installment of my 3-part travel series! Get ready for the conclusion of the trip I took back in July! Time to learn about


So, as I entered Texas, it looked just like Arkansas, leading me to groan and complain about how boring it was. No joke, it was literally just Arkansas again, just a bajillion degrees hotter. (Not really that much hotter, it just felt like it!)

The farther you got into Texas, the more civilized it became. Little towns were spotted more and more, until eventually, there it was. The skyline for the city of Dallas.

We actually first spotted the skyline while still 30 minutes away, it was that big. I was so excited, because I thought we were finally almost there and I would be free from the car! I was extremely disappointed to learn I was wrong about that.


Now, when we finally arrived in Dallas, it was all great because it meant getting out of the car for all of 20 minutes before we were on the road again to get to the first place we had to be. (Yes, it was quite a busy trip with very little relaxing to be done unfortunately!)

As a huge sports fan, when I saw American Airlines Center (where the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars play their respective sports) I kinda had a freak out moment. Even seeing the Dallas Cowboys stadium made me a little happy, and I'm anything but a Cowboys fan. The best stadium I saw, however, was the Texas Rangers baseball stadium! I didn't meet any professional athletes from any of these teams, unfortunately, but I had fun seeing all the stadiums!

Now, in the week I was there, getting lost was a favorite activity. But every time I got lost trying to get somewhere, I saw a train which made it worth it because I have a huge love for trains. Wow, that was a random Brittany fact, you're welcome. You would think that getting lost would stress someone out, but if anything, it made me more relaxed during the trip.

Sad to say, but this is the end of my blog for the week. I hope you had fun learning about the trip I took this summer! Join me again next time when I bring you another Travelling Tuesday!

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Isabella Allen

OOG- Ayyyyyyy I live in Dallas, Texas IRL xD

Laila Woodson

Laila Woodson I love Texas!

Abegail Harris

Abegail Harris Oooooh fun!

Caitríona Hayes

Caitríona Hayes Ooooo, Texas ♥

Diana Bellantoni

Diana Bellantoni I love this Brittany! Well written! ;)

Poppy Audrey

Poppy Audrey Hope you had fun!

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