Date right: The Bad Boy Appeal
Ever wonder how to decipher between a good guy and a guy who's just using you and doesn't really like you for you? Well here are some of your clues.

- From : Emery Levine

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Marinette Kimoru

Marinette Kimoru Hmm.. I mean my crush (Or just a bit attraction i guess) is like that one gentlemen type-

Emery Levine

Emery Levine Thank you guys!

raven olsi

raven olsi I-this blog is great Emery! I love it.

Harmony McCoyle

Harmony McCoyle *smiles in bad girl*

Ezra Granger

Ezra Granger /me thinking

Fox Darling

Fox Darling I wonder if I *do* have a type...

Will Potter

Will Potter :3 I'm the nice guy, Wouldn't use anyone D: That is just rude, and pure mean! I would much rather listen to someone complain and everything and use me as a pillow, than just talk about me me me all the time :D

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter I love this blog! I guess you could say I'm more interested in the nice guys, but I'm actually a mixture of both. I don't really USE-use people. Wait, do I-?

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