Zodiac Academy - Gemini
Ever wondered what it would be like if Zodiac Signs attended Hogwarts? What houses would they be in? Who would be their friends? Any love interests? Read ahead to find out!

- From : Ingrid Potter

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Karen Michels

Karen Michels I'm actually a Gemini...This all makes sense now...No wonder I'm in Ravenclaw...

Miles Blair

Miles Blair This is an awesome blog about Gemini! I know some Gemini, very interesting

Cordelia Maxwell

Cordelia Maxwell Another Wonderful article Ingrid! It was awesome to read about Gemini, and I look forward to more of these!

Prisha Redhood

Prisha Redhood Yay!!! Gemini!!!

Serena Jiang

Serena Jiang Funny thing that IRL me has a rising Gemini and Pisces and Virgo respectively for Sun and Moon...You could say that I'm always at odds with myself

raven olsi

raven olsi :O Ingrid great job! I am in love with your blogs, and the meme alert [but thats not important] I am waiting for the next edition! from you keep up the good work!

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