I Sought The Stories: Western Adventures of Vesti #2
Welcome to part 2!! Short and sweet for summer.

- From : Kilikani Ebbets

I Sought The Stories



Part 2 of Vestavia Dunn! OH!! Are you as excited as I am to share this with you?? Maybe you are!!

Happy summer by the way :)




She walks out of my room and closes the door, letting the wind close it shut. I stare down at my paper, at the three sentences I had written. I wrote another sentence, and another, and more until my hand cramped.


Then I venture over to my window and close it shut, for the spring breeze was nipping my exposed arms and hands. I then went over to my dressing closet and stared at the dresses all lined up in a row. Rummaging through them, I found none to my satisfaction. Instead, I grabbed my brown stockings and a blue skirt that went to my knees.


I put on my bottom clothing then move to my corset. Mother said I should start wearing one when I turned twelve years of age. I highly disagree. Corsets are for fancy events, not for everyday use. Even so, the corsets are a pain to my sides. They pinch your chest and it is hard to breath. mi


When my corset is off, I take a few deep breaths before acquiring my less painful chest wear. Then I proceed to grab my outdoor shirt. When looking at myself in the mirror, I see a girl of assurance. I ought to see that figure, not some overly fancy lady wearing tight corsets.


“Mother, do we have the ingredients for the cake?” I ask as I enter the kitchen.


Mother is wearing an apron over her dress, tending to the fire in the oven. My kitchen had the oven lining one large wall, lots of cabinets, a table, and an icebox. The butter churn sat in a lonely corner along with the ice cream maker. Our lights were lit by flames and made for nice gas lights and lamps.


Our kitchen was connected to our foyer and entryway, and beyond their was the sitting room. The stairs were in the living room the the upstairs and upstairs were my bedroom, my siblings bedroom, and my parents bedroom. My mother also had her own study in the back of the house.


“You will have to head into town to gather some ingredients. I will give you two dollars. We need milk and vanilla seed. Don’t take to long.” Mother handed me a bag of coins which I held on to tightly. “Then you must collect the eggs and grab a bag of flour from the barn.”


I nod. “May I bring Clara and Vera?” I bounce on my toes.


“If they are not bousy, yes.” Mother sighs. She knows I love to bake with my friends. “Run along now, must not be late.”


I hop out of the house, waving my hand and smiling gleefully. On the porch, I slip on my boots and leap over the two steps, landing on the dirt path leading to town. With the money pouch in my hand, I run the whole way to town. It really isn’t far. Father said it was less than a quarter of a mile.


Beyond my town are farm fields. We have very nice farm fields. Along these are houses, some beautiful, and some are just cottages. I live in a two story home. It is the third biggest house in my town, which I love. In town, we have worn out dirt roads, and houses are closer on the roads. That is also where all the stores and workplaces are, if you are not a farmer.


People don’t visit our town often. It has been hard to make railroads through the mountains, so the nearest train station is 6 miles away. But, they are building a NEW rail that goes right next to town! Many people have moved here because their fathers work for the railroad. It can get really smoky and dusty in town, and people don’t like that.


But today the sky is clear, not gray from the train smoke. I even see birds, which usually stay away because of loud noises from the train place. The train place is this... wretched place, really. It’s a half mile from town, but is still loud! They make things there for the trains.






Thanks for reading this installment of I Sought The Stories! Feel free to Owl me some story prompts!!


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