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We got the weekly Gossip right here! ;) want to know who was kissing whom in the Halls? Or maybe you want to know what is that smell is on the 3rd floor!

- From : Anya Venenum

Okay, let me give you the rules of WoP Gossip Weekly.

1) You see something that HAS to be shared Owl Anya Venenum or Mykal Stonewall. (We keep all "Tips" confidential ) 

2) We are into Gossip NOT Slander. 

3) We are going to try and have gossip for each house!  

4) Can be Students or Staff! 


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What's that smell? Zechariah Longworth! 

One time when Zechariah Longworth was still a Ravenclaw prefect, Jane, the prefect mama during that time, was naked in the Prefect bath just relaxing away. Out of nowhere, in came Zechariah running into the bathroom! Needless to say, he had to "See a man about a Hippogriff." We were told the stench he left was so bad it was like a 100 dung-booms going off at once. Now Dung-Boom is back leaving a trail of stench once again. 




Mamma Snake or more like Daddy? 

For those that do not know Jacob, the Head of Slytherin has adopted 2 girls. Kayte Savant and  Rosalie Watson but is he looking for a mommy? After all, he and Miss Cherry have been caught out on a date. He better work fast it! It seems that the new teacher Mr. Longsworth is also trying his hand at winning the fair Deanna. Do we have a new love triangle? 



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No Comment No Comment!!!!

We tried to ask the lovely Miss Cherry about who she truly wanted, and all we got was a line of "no comment". If you have even seen a pissed off mother Lion, you know never to mess with Ivy or Deanna. Beware the anger of Gryffindor! So sadly, we did not get to know who it was, but we shall be watching to see just WHO she chooses.



Iris Goddess of Love.

We all know that the Goddess has had a hand in chat, after all, haven't we all romanced someone or hid under the table? But is there a bigger thing at work here? We think so! Aske and Iris have been together for what 9 months now, and in this time there has been no, shall we say, "alone time." They always seem to be interrupted. Did the goddess of love herself come to help the happy couple get things going? After all, the Head of Hufflepuff only has eyes for one girl and that's the sweet librarian. Who knows maybe we will see a baby in the future? 



Got any Gossip? OWL US NIGHT OR DAY!


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Rain Malfoy

Rain Malfoy *giggles uncontrollably*

Karly Lightwood

Karly Lightwood Oh dear... I better make sure I watch my step from now on...

Sharidain Darcy

Sharidain Darcy So THAT was what the smell was !

Ivy Gray

Ivy Gray I can confirm that pissed off lions are scary ;)

Yuna Blain

Yuna Blain Hopefully this will only be about teachers... or I'm gonna have to watch everything I do..

Iris Ellwood

Iris Ellwood *gasps in shock* ANYA VENENUM YOU DID NOT JUST WRITE THAT!

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly Amusing, can't wait to read more of this XD

Raven Tasker

Raven Tasker but other then that was interesting to read :)

Raven Tasker

Raven Tasker In the last sentence in Iris goddess of love there is an extra T in they.

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