From the Kitchen: Treacle Tart
In this blog we delve into something we all know and love: food! Everyone has something they like and everyone has things they've yet to discover. What's on the menu today?

- From : Elaine Bellegarde

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Amber Strome

Amber Strome To do list! :D

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne All those years I have been imagining that dessert to be similar to sugar pie! Thanks for this, Miss Bellegarde!

Banned user

Banned user I would love to see more of this! Seeing what people can create in their kitchens is amazing! Bravo!

Chiara Alberstein

Chiara Alberstein I was already hungry but now I am hungry for this XD

Alya Black

Alya Black *makes a note to tag along with Abegail and then remain in Elaine's house and her kitchen foreveeer*

Ace Harty

Ace Harty Sounds delicious!

Tyler Glunt-Black

Tyler Glunt-Black I love cooking and baking. Saving this one for later. Could you do pumpkin pasties next?

Mikahel Pierce

Mikahel Pierce Oooo, yummy!!

Corey ONeill

Corey ONeill Now i'm hungry.. yum

Esteban Mackleroy

Esteban Mackleroy Wonderful amazing work! Love this! Definitely will give it a try!

Abegail Harris

Abegail Harris *makes note to come to Elaine's house and steal her pies*

Avalon Harrington

Avalon Harrington *will maybe burn down the cottage instead*

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