Your Tarot Reading: A Year Ahead
Welcome to this week's tarot reading! Since it is January, I thought it would be a great idea to see what the year ahead has in store for each house. Why don't we read and see!

- From : Maeve Everson

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Maeve Everson

Maeve Everson Ooh! I will remember to ask about each house love life for the next blog post! :)

Arya Cavelli

Arya Cavelli o.o Maeve, it's simply brilliant! Oh dear, is this the year I face my fear of *gulps* looping again? Question for the cards: What's in store for love?

Neil Cygnet

Neil Cygnet Glad I was sorted into Ravenclaw uwu Great article <3<3<3

Zywia Wolf

Zywia Wolf I love this article Maeve, and I can't wait till I get the promised money ;)

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