Magical Creatures of Magic | Issue No. 1
This week we look at the magestic Selma from Norway!

- From : Gracie Rowlands

Welcome to the first edition of Magical Creatures of Magic You may be wondering what this article is, well I'll tell you! This will be a potentially weekly article posted every sunday, which shall include all about a Magical Creature that is often deemed dangerous or irrelevant. All creatures deserve love and these beings are no different and that is the point of this article. To spread love for creatures! This week shall be focused on the magestic Selma.

But what exactly is the Selma? The Selma is a huge serpent native to the icy Norwegian lakes. However, they are certainly not the friendly creature. You may mistake them for the peaceful sea serpent, yet the Selma is a very agressive creature with a diet of fish and human flesh. So it is definately advised you steer clear of this beast.

However that does not mean that they deserve to be mistreated. Luckily, there have not been many incidents involving humans and the Selma and there have been no recorded casaulties².

You may have wondered where you have heard of the Selma before, espceially if you are a fan of quidditch. For the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, the Norwegian National Team chose to have a Selma as there team mascot, despite the obvious risks. The decision was supported by the team manager Anulf Moe as it reflected the "steely determination and ferocity" in his team.

Obviously, the Selma couldn't be on land so it was placed in a magical lake in the Patagonian Desert. Unfortunately the creature was involed in a fight with the Fijian mascot, Dukuwaqa which lead to conflict between other mascots.

Our tips for the Selma? Don't let it eat you as it tends to have a liking for your flesh.

²No more information accesabile

Written by: Gracie Rowlands
Code by: Ethan Campbell
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Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Nice blog Gracie!

Jenna Patil

Jenna Patil Great blog! I would love to read about more magical creatures you'll write about! :)

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Wonderful blog Gracie!

Søren Medellsson

Søren Medellsson Nice job. I would really like to meet this... Selma

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