When Two Worlds Collide: Breach of the Briefcase
Here is the third place entry for the SoMe Fanfiction Competition by the lovely Bethany Vendale!

- From : Crystella Desurra


Breach of the Briefcase

By Bethany Vendale

I anxiously brewed me a pot o’ tea as I were awaitin’ fer the kiddos ter come out ter my hut. Merlin’s beard, I had me a great story ter tell ‘em. I almos’ wen’ an’ spilt the whole thin’ over me hand when I finally heard ‘em come a knockin’ at the door.

“Honestly, Hagrid,” Hermione shook her head as she carefully entered the hut. “You’d think someone who wanted to keep our meeting a secret wouldn’t send a howler to tell us!”

“Yeah,” Ron said. “What the bloody hell was that about?”

Harry looked at me and tried not ter laugh as Ron and Hermione tried ter stay far ‘way from each other. But I was jus’ too excited to fuss about it.

“Yer never gonna believe what I did today!” I boomed, trying ter contain my excitement. Before I can even let ‘em answer I told ‘em what jus’ happened. “So I was uh havin’ myself a drink with that ‘orace Slug’ern and I was a talkin’ ‘bout how I was readin’ that book, er, Fantastic Beasts and Where ter Find ‘Em. And, and,” I stopped ter think ‘bout what I was gonna say next.

“Well,” ‘arry said. “What did he say?”

I looked up, that ol’ gleam shinin’ in my eye. “He said I could be ‘im”

“Be who, Hagrid?” Hermione asked.

“Newt Scamander!” I jumped. “He, He said that he could fix me up a potion an’ that I can go ter sleep an’ I would see through his eyes. An’ I did, ‘ermione, I did! We went ter ‘is classroom an’ he brewed the potion an’ I drank it.”

“Well, did it work?” Ron was lookin’ so excited, you’d think it was a feast at Hogwarts.

“I- I went ter sleep and I her. A purty lass, I believe ‘er name was, uh, Tina. And- And ‘er sister Queenie. Tina told me not to forget my briefcase- so fancy Newt carried a briefcase!- an’ I took it an’ put it on the ground. I opened it an’ I- I climbed inside! An’ there was a whole other world in there! There were dragons an’ hippogriffs an’ nifflers an’ bowtruckles!”

“That’s very cool, Hagrid,” ‘ermione smiled. “But what happened after you went into the briefcase?”

“Well I had ter leave fer somthin’ so I climbed out and tried to close it. I tried ter close the thing and the buckle went an’ snapped right off an’ I woke up an’....” I got so excited I forgot ter talk. So I jus’ reached inter my pocket an’ I ‘anded ‘arry what was inside.

“Blimey, Hagrid!” he gasped. “You brought part of Newt Scamander’s briefcase back with you?”

“I just hope that poor Newt didn’t lose any animals that could have escaped....” ‘ermione whispered. An’ that’s when I started worryin’ that I caused the eascape... But I guess I’ll never know...

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Jenna Patil

Jenna Patil Amazing! Beautiful entry, Bethany!

Scarlett Joyce

Scarlett Joyce Welp, I'm officially terrible at writing XD This is amazing Beth!!

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