Magical Creatures of Magic | Issue No. 2
This week we look at the loyal Hippogriff

- From : Gracie Rowlands

Issue number 2: the hippogriff
Author: Gracie Rowlands
Edition #0002
It has been noted that there is something going on between Miss Autumn Reubens and books! What is with her throwing things?

Carina Lee has taken up knitting as her new pastime. Is she starting to gain those grey hairs?

Is Jae Williams mission to kiss everyone? It seems like it! Especially when he was flirting with a professor...
Welcome to the second edition of Magical Creatures of Magic You may be wondering what this article is, well I'll tell you! This will be a bi-weekly article posted every Sunday, which shall include all about a Magical Creature that is often deemed dangerous or irrelevant. All creatures deserve love and these beings are no different and that is the point of this article. To spread love for creatures! This week shall be focused on the noble Hippogriff.

What are hippogriffs? A hippogriff is a cross breed of a horse and an eagle. The hippogriff is also extremely similar to another mythical creature; the gryffin.

Hippogriffs are known to be proud creatures, when meeting a hippogriff you must show respect by bowing to them, whilst maintaining eye-contact. If the hippogriff bows back you have earned its respect and can therefore, pet it. Failure in this could turn the Hippogriff aggressive, demonstrated when Draco Malfoy provoked one, leaving him with a bloody arm.

They are carnivorous creatures and can be extremely dangerous unless tamed. (Taming should only be carried out by an experienced wizard/witch). Hippogriffs are known to feed on birds, and small mammals such as ferrets (which is maybe why they hated Draco so much!)

Whilst, hippogriffs can be dangerous they are wonderful loyal creatures who will only attack if provoked. This is why they simply must be protected.

Our tips for the Hippogriff? Don't ever blink.
Code by: Ethan Campbell
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Nova Levindeed

Nova Levindeed I love this article!

Junnel Aguilar

Junnel Aguilar interesting

Jenna Patil

Jenna Patil Hey, awesome blog, Gracie! Its really interesting! :)

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Great blog Gracie! ^^

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Wonderful post Gracie! :D

Autumn Reubens

Autumn Reubens I don’t throw things? *gasps* I don’t know what you’re talking must have the wrong person!!

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