I Can See In Color
Salmon!? SALMON!? Have you ever wondered what the life of a Quibbler Salmon is?

- From : Tanuja Potter

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Aquila LaPierre

Aquila LaPierre I think the Quibbler does a bit too much theorizing for their own good. I love the journalists, love the CE, not a fan of the paper.

Lex Ducharme

Lex Ducharme Accusing is a harsh word Healer Pravas... it's more like theorizing.. XD

Alfie Pravas

Alfie Pravas This is very true - Quibbler journalists are great1 (When they aren't accusing one of illegal activities and the like)

Leroy Beauchamp

Leroy Beauchamp Oh, me!

Tesla Haynes

Tesla Haynes Rainbow of possibilities!

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