I Can See In Color
Salmon!? SALMON!? Have you ever wondered what the life of a Quibbler Salmon is?

- From : Tanuja Potter

I Can See In Color

Tanuja Potter


Have you wondered about why so many people have jobs at World of Potter? Ever wanted to apply for these jobs, but not know what you are going to have to expect? Don't fret! Here you'll get 10 reasons as to why jobs at WoP are amazing! Today, you'll get 5 amazing facts and an interview with about the Quibbler Journalists!!





ONE: The Quibbler allows the journalists to express their creativity and write in their own unique style.

TWO:As a journalist, you are free to come up with your own original ideas, and you are free to write about anything you please.

THREE: You have an amazing Head and boss! The Leroy Beauchamp! He may be new, but he is doing an incredible job.

FOUR:The chief editor of the Quibbler makes sure he has time to give advice for article ideas, as well as read over articles and help give ways to improve them if needed.

FIVE: "As C.E. I aim to provide my journaists with a secure and supportive space to express themselves creatively. Each article idea is a seed of possibility that should be nurtured and groomed to ensure the idea blooms into something spectacular." - Mr Beauchamp

SIX: Being a journalist keeps you on your toes and really provides a slight experience of what it is like to be a journalist - having to write articles according to deadlines and schedules.

SEVEN: The Quibbler is an awesome place to work because you are offered the chance to work in a team alongside other exceptionally creative individuals who share your passion for journalistic styled creative writing

EIGHT: The Quibbler offer their journalists helpful feedback and provide guidelines & tips to assist them with their creative process - to ensure their stories are entertaining, clever and thought provoking. They also provide a list of possible article ideas to assist with the dreaded, 'Writer's Block'.

NINE:They take pleasure in expanding the Potterverse by providing their audience with ideas that broaden their minds and perceptions of the magical world and its endless possibilities.

TEN: The Quibbler team are all crazy and really fun to be around. If you're friends with a Quibbler journalist, you're one lucky person!


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Tanuja Potter

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Aquila LaPierre

Aquila LaPierre I think the Quibbler does a bit too much theorizing for their own good. I love the journalists, love the CE, not a fan of the paper.

Alexis Perold

Alexis Perold Accusing is a harsh word Healer Pravas... it's more like theorizing.. XD

Alfie Pravas

Alfie Pravas This is very true - Quibbler journalists are great1 (When they aren't accusing one of illegal activities and the like)

Leroy Beauchamp

Leroy Beauchamp Oh, me!

Tesla Haynes

Tesla Haynes Rainbow of possibilities!

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