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Sickness, Flirting, and Easter Bunny?

- From : Melody Santos

Welcome to this weeks Gossip Blog! We have a lot of fun stuff to talk about this week. It's a little different from our normal gossip blog (thanks to some help) so I hope you enjoy it! 


Before we get started, let me just mention the rules of the Gossip Blog! 

  • If you see something that you think should be mentioned in the Gossip Blog, owl Melody Santos with a detailed summary. Remember, this is not to hurt or bring anybody down, it is just for fun! (Everything will be kept confidential) 
  • Remember to keep your Gossip clean for the entire World of Potter World to see. There are some younger ones out there! 
  • Gossip can be about Staff or Students!


As many of you know, Dragon Pox is an extremely contagious and dangerous disease that hasn't been seen for many many years. I unfortunately bring you news that Dragon Pox is once again spreading. With that being said, make sure you stay aware of the people around you and yourself. If you see or feel anything strange, go to the Hospital Wing immediately! 




We all know that Stephen Evans and Jovan Smith are a beautiful couple. They are engaged and we couldn't be happier for them. After recent events, I haven't seen Jovan leave Stephen's side. Although, both of them have been seen flirting with our Minister of Magic, Anya Venenum. We know Stephen and Jovan love each other and would never leave each other, but it's fun to see Anya react to flirting. 




We all know the amazing Pirro Desmon loves his Firewhiskey. After a recent Ministy Memos came out, we found that since Pirro was a student here at Hogwarts, he has been hiding stashes of whiskey all around the school. I don't know where all his stashes are, but someone told me that he is like the Easter Bunny, but with Whiskey. I agree that our wonderful Pirro does bring joy to those adults who come across his stash like kids who come across Easter Eggs filled with sweets. 


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Banned user

Banned user :0 Would not want dragon pox!

makenzie adams

makenzie adams lol

Banned user

Banned user Hm ok kinda interesting im watching out for dragon pox i don't want it

Miranda McElhattan

Miranda McElhattan

Savannah Malfoy

Savannah Malfoy Oh burn

raven ravenclaw

raven ravenclaw i feel sick need to go to hospital wing

Lucy Tremblay

Lucy Tremblay Interesting..

Aquila LaPierre

Aquila LaPierre mmmHMMMMMM

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