Through the Classes Volume 5
Love the classes here? wanna learn more about them? well then this blog is for you,

- From : Bethany Willows

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Mafalda Weasley

Mafalda Weasley It made all the bones in his broken arm disappear after which they needed to be grown back by madame Pomfrey with the use of skele-gro. P.S. Love your new blog!!!!

Keisuke Willows

Keisuke Willows Bethhh! Wonderful job on this blog! As for your question, ‘Brackium Emendo’ made all of the bones in Harry’s hand disappear! Madam Pomfrey gave him some Skelo-grow potion :D!

Banned user

Banned user Ah, This gives me some good Memories from one of my friends account that we used to use together before he moved away! Thank you for this lovely bog Beth!

Angelica Pauley

Angelica Pauley Ah, I loved this blog Beth! To answer your question, Harry's bones vanished instead of being repaired! Thank goodness Madam Pomfrey had some Skelo-grow potion on her.

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