I Sought The Stories: Vets
Another edition! This time, learn about Veterinarians!!

- From : Kilikani Ebbets

I Sought The Stories

Wild At Heart Club: 1


Have you ever heard of a veterinarian? If not.... I encourage you to soak up all the information you can with gauze pads. HAHA! I'm kidding, gauze pads soak of... that red stuf... yeah. Moving on!!

This next story is actually completed (yay) but I totally wrote it when I was in sixth grade (last year) so it's really cringey for me to read. So I'm passing the cringeyness on to you all because I loooooove you! HAHA!!

Know on to the informational part of my blog. This topic is probably my second favorite we will talk about. I am very familiar IRL with this topic because I wish to be one in the future! THEY ARE... Vets!

Veterinarians are muggles who help heal and take care of animals who are sick or injured. They use many medical tools to do their task. In the next blog we'll see what kinds of tools they use!'




Main Carachter

Hailey Jerik


Age: 11

Personality: Brave, Kind, Loyal, Daring

Role: Granddaughter of local vet


Wild At Heart Club: 1



The voice came from somewhere in the distance. I little ring. The girl couldn’t be sure what it was, not yet at least.




There was that word. School. Like some type of bee. A type of bee that stung. The girl wanted to scream at that word. She wanted to stay in the softness. The softness that held her down. Kept her clinged to the cushy mattress. She tucked her blanket of softness over her head and grumbled.


“Get up.”


A coldness washed over the girl. Hailey. That was her name. Someone was calling her. Making the coldness come. Ripping the blanket off of her body. Of course, that couldn’t be right. Who would make her get out of her comfy zone? Someone shaked the girls shoulder.


“I’M UP!” Hailey yelled.


She didn’t want to get up, no way! But this old lady (Sorry) was making her. Hailey started to laugh and sat up. A sick feeling washed over her body.


“I hate mornings. Tuesday mornings are the worst. Can I stay home? You said today will be a busy day!” She pleaded.


Her grandma crossed her arms. Hailey tried again.


“We’re doing nothing special today. I promise I’ll make up for it! You’ll need the help! You have two surgeries scheduled and are short of staff today! I can work at the front desk, or help you! Please? You neeeeeed me!”


Hailey went over to her closet and pulled out some clothes to wear for the day. She pulled on her turquoise shirt. She had gotten the shirt for christmas a year ago. It read,”Best Vet Ever!” It had a puppy and a heart on it too. Then she slipped on some jeans. She turned back to face her Grandma. Grams was 55. She was the head vet at the animal hospital. Hailey lived with Grams. Their house was right next to the building. The animal hospital was voted best in North Carolina, so it got really busy and there were a lot of workers here.


“I suppose so, only cause I’m an awesome grandma. But you need to put aside two hours today for school work.” Grams said. She walked out of the room .


Hailey plopped on her bed and squealed with happiness. This didn’t happen very often. Maybe like three times in a school year.


Hailey could tell this would be a good day.


Once Hailey got some food in her body, she headed next door to the hospital. The creak of the door and the jingle of the bell always warmed her heart with memories. Memories, Hailey loved memories. Memories shaped a person's life, really. I mean if you though- off topic!


Hailey noticed something right away. Someone was new. A new receptionist. Grams hadn’t told her this. Anger filled inside her. Grams told her everything!


She grumbled and slid under the receptionist table. Hailey wasn’t very good with new people. She didn’t like change that much. It was a pet peeve. Hailey sat down in the swivel chair and rolled up to one of the two computers. The lady was playing a game on the computer. Hailey didn’t know where Grams was. Probably off checking in on the animals, or giving a checkup.


“Young Lady, you have no right to be back here.” The lady says sternly.


Hailey slowly turns her head and stares at the lady.


“Obviously this is your first day here. Welcome! My name is Hailey



Thanks for reading this installment of I Sought The Stories! Feel free to owl me if you have any questions or writing prompts for future posts!


This blog post has been written by:

Kilikani Kilikani Ebbets

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Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Nice post! :D

Andromeda Jones

Andromeda Jones This is hilarious! I can't wait for the next one!

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