Homework System for 1st years.
We have all been lost getting to class our 1st year at Hogwarts. Lets give the 1st years a hand shall we.

- From : Anya Venenum

So… Homework….. Not everyone loves it, No… I mean, there are very few who actually want to do it. Most of us are just procrastinating and only do stuff if it: A) Is actually fun, or B) if we HAVE to do it… now…. Let’s get on with where I originally intended to go.

Homework is typically defined as “any task assigned to students by school teachers that are meant to be carried out during non-school hours”. The lessons that homework teaches students is nearly as important as the homework itself. Students learn responsibility by writing down the assignment in a planner, taking the assignment home, completing it and turning it in the next day.

On World of Potter though, 99% of the time, you can write the homework in your own style, making it way more interesting and way more fun to do. In example, here you can write it in RPG or diary style, the things you need to look up are also interesting compared to the things you learn in school…. I mean, learning about the Unforgivable Curses, or Maths… about Hippogriffs, or Pronouns and Verbs… on WoP, you can let your fantasy do the work, while IRL, you have to do what it says… of course, On WoP it’s the same, but if you keep certain points in mind, you can write whatever you want, and how much you want

Also, There are certain problems with homework IRL. For example Teachers produce mass packets at the beginning of the school year in hopes of receiving them completed each week, while on WoP, it doesn’t matter when you do it…. Hell, you don’t even have to do it to graduate... that's why I think that people on this site will most likely like this homework system way more then their IRL homework system.You can also Owl the teacher if you are lost for some one on one time if you are lost.


Also like I said you dont need to do your homework to pass the year. Though if you want to win the HOUSE CUP you better work hard. All you need to do to get to the next year is be enrolled in and pass the eand of the year exam in at least 6 classes its that easy ! 

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Back Brund

Back Brund @Evanalyn Rose click on your profile then more then chest.

Piper Garcia

Piper Garcia Wait, I have problems with some of the homework assignments. Like the bubble one in charms. How am I supposed to know how many bubbles I caught? And what about muggle studies. How do I know what object I was given? I am so confused.

Evanalyn Rose

Evanalyn Rose how do i get to my chest. i can't find it.

Rita Meenachi

Rita Meenachi Every time I click on a course it says I haven't started the course yet and I bought everything someone help me please

Jaxson Sacco

Jaxson Sacco 2. U apply or begin class courses by having the requirements and clicking begin course.

Jaxson Sacco

Jaxson Sacco 1. You get galleons by visiting Fred and George’s, peeves, or leveling up, and getting graded homework

Kylie Granger

Kylie Granger is there a way to unenroll?

Lisa Nott

Lisa Nott How do i enroll in classes

Skylair Durn

Skylair Durn how do I apply for classes?

Hernine Granger

Hernine Granger how do I get homework and how can I find my chest

Hernine Granger

Hernine Granger How can I enroll in classes

Samantha McPhee

Samantha McPhee How do we get homework?

Olivia Kaleo

Olivia Kaleo What week is it? I haven’t gotten homework. Also I’m only enrolled in a few classes cuz I can’t find out how to earn Galleons to buy books!

Skylar Wood

Skylar Wood I don't even know how to get to class

Everly Everton

Everly Everton How do we get homework?

Luminessa Monroe

Luminessa Monroe What are the exams like? >.

Anya Venenum

Anya Venenum Snowflake.

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