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Students Pull End of the Year Prank!

- From : Melody Santos

First, I would like to apologise for the absense of the Gossip Blog. I have not been receiving gossip to blog. If you would like to see this blog continue, please owl your Gossip to Melody Santos!


Students Rose Knight and Tegan Lynch pulled quite the big end of the year prank on the entire school. Even I fell for it and I don't fall for many pranks. They pulled it off wonderfully and I wanted to make sure all of you heard about it!


Rose Knight and Tegan Lynch are one of the cutest student couples around Hogwarts. They have been together for many years and are often seen in the Great Hall being cute together. Many people have at least heard of the relationship of this adorable couple. 

Just before exam week, Rose asked Tegan to meet her in library. They met and sat down at a table. Nerves and tension were obviously high. Quite quickly, Rose told Tegan that she thought it was time to end things. Both of the lovely girls were upset, but it is something that was coming. Rose broke up with Tegan thinking it would be best for both of them. Upset herself, she left. Tegan was comforted by library Leader, Pheonix Blaze who offered kindness and a place to stay for the night. 


Tegan and Rose weren't seen together at all over the next few weeks. It was heartbreaking for them and their friends to see. People were sad that such an amazing couple were no longer together. It was very different to see Tegan and Rose not together. 

After a few more days, Tegan and Rose were seen together in the Great Hall as if nothing had happened. Confused, people started asking questions. They said it was a big end of the year prank! A lot of people were shocked as they were convinced the couple had broken up. 


In the end, everyone loved seeing Rose and Tegan back together. We were all relieved that it was just a prank. The two of them pulled it off so well. It leaves us wondering if they will ever pull another prank. If they ever did, I'm sure we wouldn't be able to figure it out. 

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Lyssa Potter

Lyssa Potter wow!!

Jace Snevlery

Jace Snevlery I get the pun! THE UNHOLY TRINITY

Beryl Warren

Beryl Warren hay the cheer leaders one was hilarious!!

wisneday weasley

wisneday weasley It was ok

logan lursulus

logan lursulus lol i love it that was absolutely perfect

Luke French

Luke French Great article I can't wait to read some more!

serafina potter

serafina potter great article and I love it GREAT PRANK Tegan and Rose, great fun! :)

Matthew Pozy

Matthew Pozy wow

Banned user

Banned user I love this blog

Hannah Trelawney

Hannah Trelawney Great article Melody!

Katarina Blackthorne

Katarina Blackthorne HmmmmmI like pranks..I wonder what should do

Rafael Woods

Rafael Woods Oh~! Good! That was scary. Yay Regan!

Kayte Savant

Kayte Savant Omg Aneesa totally let me in on any you plan ;)

Aneesa Bellview

Aneesa Bellview OooooOoooo pranks good job! :D *starts thinking of ideas for 7th year*

Genevieve Schubert

Genevieve Schubert AH I'm so happy you guys are still together. Relationship goals~♥

Oliver Barnes

Oliver Barnes WHAT AHHHH, you fooled me, I was so saaaad! XD

Rose Knight

Rose Knight Great read Mel <3 and what Tegan said I am sure we could come up with more.

Tegan Lynch

Tegan Lynch Rose and I* oh my I can't type tonight.

Tegan Lynch

Tegan Lynch Hehe XD, love the read Mel <3. And I'm sure Rose and could come up with a few other pranks to pull.

Mia Zabini

Mia Zabini i love it

Emma Krafft

Emma Krafft Lovely! This adorable!

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