The Pet Corner: Kneazle
Do you love cats? Do you love having magical pets? Then you are gonna love the topic for this week’s edition of The Pet Corner, Kneazles!

- From : Hannah Windsor

The Pet Corner



The Pet Corner covers the know-hows for taking care of pets within the wizarding world every other Thursday. A pet will be chosen every week ranging from those students can have at Hogwarts (ie. mouse, cat, etc) to the wild and sometimes elusive advanced creatures (ie. hippogriff, dragons?) as the topic. Because we all know animals come in different species, the pet guide will also be specific to the species of the chosen pet. Today's guide will be about one of the newest additions to WoP, Kneazles!


Starting the new year, many new pet options have become available in the Magical Menagerie. Although there is a slight issue with being able to view the pets’ images, it’s no debate that the possibility of having a Kneazle as a pet is very exciting for us all. Kneazles are magical creatures with the appearance of a cat with the exception of its enormous size often compared to that of a small lion or tiger. Like cats, there are various breeds of Kneazles, each breed differing in personality and appearance. Kneazles can also interbreed with cats as one famous example was Hermione Granger’s orange half Kneazle, Crookshanks. Even though Kneazles tend to be pretty independent creatures if given lots of love, they can become excellent pets for witches and wizards. You can finally adopt these lovelies on WoP in the Magical Menagerie with the wide choices of black/grey, black/red, white/brown, and red/brown.


Fun Fact!

Did you know Kneazle whiskers can be used as wand cores but are considered inferior when compared to the ever popular phoenix feathers, dragon heartstrings, and unicorn hairs? I wouldn’t recommend trying to pluck off the whiskers of your Kneazles though!


How to Take Care of Them


Since Kneazles are closely related to cats, their diet also tends to be the same as a normal house cat’s and would love the same food that cats love. But since Kneazles are more independent than cats, there is the possibility that your Kneazle might go off finding food on its own and only returning for sleep. In whichever case, you can always reward the feline with some luxury cat food from the Magical Menagerie for now.



Kneazles are comfortable sleeping beside you in bed or in a large cat basket. You buy a cat basket for your Kneazle to sleep in in the Magical Menagerie. For any travelers out there, a pet carrier might also be a good buy especially if there is the possibility of harm to other small creatures. Pet Carriers can also be found in the Magical Menagerie.



Purebred Kneazles are actually classified as XXX by the Ministry of Magic. As intelligent as these creatures are, they have an uncanny ability to sense suspicious or distrustful people around them which may most likely cause them to become very aggressive. So be sure to always keep an eye out to where your Kneazle is wandering off by itself if you don't wish to receive a million detentions. Also as a side note, you might also want to keep your mice and rats safely away from the pouncer if you feel your Kneazle might be the “playful” kind.

Kneazle Gif


What is it Like Having One as a Pet?

Recently, I have adopted a white and brown Kneazle named Izzy. He(surprisingly, not a she) is probably one of the most independent and intelligent out of all my pets. As someone who loves all kinds of animals, the minute I saw the Kneazle, I knew that he was the perfect pet for me. Even though I haven’t had Izzy for a long time, there are many habits that he has that remind me of myself. For one, he is very intelligent, most likely more so than I am. The minute I opened the door to my dorm on adoption day, Izzy immediately ran to my bed and curled himself up on the comforter as if he owned it. What was shocking was that I hadn’t even said a word about the layout of my room and he was able to figure which of the five beds was mine.






Thanks for reading this installment of The Pet Corner! If you wish for me to mention a specific pet, please comment below or owl me and remember to write down the specific species if applicable.




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Piers Crispin

Piers Crispin I wouldn't mind one next to my bed. I really hope I can get one. Thanks for letting us know about your experience!

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