Zodiac Academy - Virgo
Ever wondered what it would be like if zodiac signs attended Hogwarts? What house would they be in? Who would be their friends? Any love interests? Read ahead to find out!

- From : Ingrid Potter

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Danaë Riverz

Danaë Riverz I love this blog! Really fun to read. My sign is Capricorn ♡

Sophia Davis

Sophia Davis Thanks! This totally matches my personality because I'm a virgo!!!

Rosalina Saulnier

Rosalina Saulnier Nice blog, and my sign is Pisces.

Angelica Pauley

Angelica Pauley Ah, I love this blog! Awesome job on it Ingrid! My zodiac sign is Taurus :D

Harmony McCoyle

Harmony McCoyle Wow, amazing blog ingrid! My sign is Taurus~

Gianna Whitlock

Gianna Whitlock ooh i love this blog ingrid! This is so true too xD

Bella Shelby

Bella Shelby HI hi i liked your blog! my sign is Aquarius lol

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