A Very Potter Christmas

- From : Melody Santos

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Leta Scamander

Leta Scamander Cool song

Banned user

Banned user I love the song

Savy Malfoy

Savy Malfoy Thanks for the amazing article

Victoria Potter

Victoria Potter Poor Max

Willow Simmons

Willow Simmons i love the idea of this.

Max Lewis

Max Lewis (I'm in the UK so we don't have thanksgiving)

SunHi Rutherford

SunHi Rutherford Isn't it Thanksgiving that's the approaching Holiday? Christmas comes afterward :?

Aneesa Karlsson

Aneesa Karlsson OoOOOOoo already have the Cloak of Invisibility.. *checks off list*

Rafael Woods

Rafael Woods Oooo, I like it! I'm definitely hoping for Harry Potter socks this year!

Bex Savant

Bex Savant Great post! It made me smile, and that song is super catchy :D

Adelina Sardothian

Adelina Sardothian Awesome post! I loved it!

Jane Nightridge

Jane Nightridge Really great article!! I really love the sock idea <3!

Azrael Rasmus

Azrael Rasmus Haha! Nice! I love the song! I'm probably gonna have it stuck in my head for a while now.

Natalie Metzger

Natalie Metzger awesome post Max

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