I Can See Color: Plot
Do you ever wonder about IG jobs? Want to apply, but not know what you want to apply for? This blog is your answer!

- From : Skyler Midleus

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Olive Bringhurst

Olive Bringhurst Oh fascinating! I totally echo the words on applying for plot, hehe. Fantastic article Skyler, I might have said this before (maybe not…), but I love the perspective these articles bring. From you, and the user being interviewed. Can’t wait for this series to continue. u.u

Andromeda Grey

Andromeda Grey I absolutely love this series! Skyler, you are an incredible writer and I enjoy it every time :D I only ask that the plot team would stop teaching my Greps how to set fires!! ;)

William Davis

William Davis Wonderful blog series, I always sneak and read them but of course this one has a bit more of sentimental value for me xD Keep making amazing blogs you wonderful boysens, you're doing a great job! And if you feel like you have a bit of chaos in you, do stop by and make an application for plot, we don't bite... much! xD

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter Yees, the plot Team events are really really fun!! I've participated in two-three of them so far, I really enjoyed em. And, great blog, Skyler! Yay, this a weekly blog now!! Also, uh- can I volunteer?

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