Amazing Creatures of Magic: Nargles
Welcome back to Amazing Creatures of Magic. Today's topic will be about one of my most anticipated and one of the most debated mythical creatures in our magical universe,......the Nargles!

- From : Hannah Windsor

Amazing Creatures of Magic


Amazing Creatures of Magic is a biweekly blog posted every other Tuesday covering magical creatures that cannot be mentioned within The Pet Corner because all creatures whether real or not, domesticated or dangerous deserve a spotlight within our hearts and minds. A magical or mythical creature will be chosen every other week and be discussed as well-rounded as possible from the basic information of where they reside to impacts in the wizarding world. In this installment, I will be discussing one of THE most disputed mythical creatures in our universe...


the Nargles!

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Yes, it is the Nargles! Depending on a person’s opinion is either the most interesting and elusive creature in our magical universe or the most illogical myth to exist in wizarding society. Since there isn’t much information about these mythical creatures, much is left to our individual imaginations. But let’s take a look at the basic information that is given.



The debated existence of Nargles was first brought to light by former Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood. If that name sounds familiar, it is because Ms. Lovegood was an active participant during the Second Wizarding World as a member of Dumbledore’s Army alongside the legendary Harry Potter and the wife of Newt Scamander’s grandson. Besides the reason that an official sighting of a nargle does not exist, Lovegood’s prominent (unfortunate in my opinion) reputation as being “looney” added to the discredit of their existence. She was known to wear a Butterbeer cork necklace and Dirigible plum earrings to repel Nargles and often talked about them in Hogwarts.


Characteristics & Nature

According to Lovegood, nargles are natural born thieves capable of stealing items from wizards such as writing stationery and clothing items. They are said to live in mistletoe inferring that these creatures might be small enough to not be detected by the untrained or uncareful eye. Being thieves, there is also a possibility that nargles might be related to other thieving creatures such as nifflers but this is just my own theory. From Lovegood’s necklace and earrings hint that perhaps nargles can be repelled by certain types of magic.


Last Thought

I’m sure all of you have guessed what my last thought is but here it is!


Do you believe in Nargles?


I would tell you my personal opinion Absolutely! but I don’t want to influence your opinions. Since nargles have not been officially sighted, there is some doubt whether or not they exist. But then again, it doesn’t mean they don’t. If you do believe in nargles, then what do you believe their appearance and nature to be like? Hopefully these questions can be answered once and for all but for now, the mystery ensues...


Thank you for reading this installment of Amazing Creatures of Magic! If you wish for me to mention a specific creature, feel free to comment on this post or owl me. Creatures that can be mentioned range from those known within the wizarding world to those born from myths or lore around the world.


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