Amazing Creatures of Magic ~ Vol. 5
Have you ever wondered about all the different kinds of creatures of magic? Well, in each of these blogs, I will be picking a creature and giving cool and interesting info on that creature!

- From : Flora Collins

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Lunar Phoenix

Lunar Phoenix Thank you so much! I'm glad this has been posted, Thestrals have always held a special place in my heart ever since I heard their beautiful cry from the movie! Also, my Patronus is a Thestral too, a very rare one (2nd rarest on Wizarding World/Pottermore I think)...generally, people with this Patronus have perhaps the most gentle souls and are generally highly philosophical, maybe even melancholic. Suits me very well :)

Unicorn Hermione

Unicorn Hermione Amazing article! And, wow, now that I seem to know mroe about them, they're quite interesting! :o

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