Life As A Student - Volume 4
The person I interviewed for today is Prudence Night. Thank you Prudence for the wonderful interview!

- From : Crystella Desurra


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Emma: What year are you?

Prudence: I am a second year!

Emma: What house are you in?

Prudence: RAVENCLAW! I'm a very proud eaglet!

Emma: What did you think when you first were being sorted into your house?

Prudence: I thought that it was perfect!

Emma: How long have you been at Hogwarts?

Prudence: I've been at Hogwarts for approximately 1 year 6 months and two weeks.

Emma: What's your favorite class?

Prudence: That's a hard one! I guess I'd have to say my favorite class is charms!

Emma: Is there any classes you struggle on?

Prudence: Transfiguration definitely takes a little more effort on my parts!

Emma: What has this year been like for you?

Prudence: This year has been pretty laid back. I made a lot of friends, and my Father got married!

Emma: Do you have any plans on applying for any positions on WoP?

Prudence: I recently applied to be apart of the Backstory team.

Emma: What's your favorite thing to do on WoP?

Prudence: Grade homework! It's a quick way to earn points, and stock up on Galleons!

Emma: What are some things that you think need to improve?

Prudence: I definitely need to improve my rp skills. I'm not the worst, but I can definetly be better. I also need to work on typing quicker.

Emma: Do you have anything yourself that you would like to share with everybody?

Prudence: Not really! I'm pretty much an open book!

Emma: What has been the best part about being on WoP for you?

Prudence: The best part has probably been making new friends! I met one of the most wonderful person on this site, and we've become really close.




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Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale FC

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Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Great job Emma! Wonderful post as always. <3

Ashley Klein

Ashley Klein Awesome!

Elizabeth Gabrielle

Elizabeth Gabrielle Great job Emma. The article is fantastic!

Emma Nightingale

Emma Nightingale Thanks guys! your so supportive!

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Great article! :D

Laura Lovecharm

Laura Lovecharm Great article Emma! And well done Prudence!

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