Love Right: Love 101
Throbbing hearts and sweaty palms, love is both the cause and cure.

- From : Elaine Bellegarde



Love 101

 Love is defined as "an intense feeling of deep affection", but what does that really mean? Is love really something that can be summed up in 6 words? While every word has a definition which can be rather simple, so few words can only do so much justice. Love has its own definition to everyone: one that won't soon find its way into a dictionary. It's just about one of the most subjective words out there.

 One aspect of love is what most think of when they see the word: Romance. Romance-type love isn't often that with the dramatics of Romeo and Juliet, but can capture and entice just as much as that completely inaccurate representation of young love. While young love can be filled to the brim with its fair share of drama, it also includes an abundance of innocence and new experiences. Accompanying this is often a certain anxiety. What to buy as a gift? Where to go on a date? What do I do when my girlfriend responds to my owl with "k"? Worry not, while there's many answers to each of these questions all you need is to take it one step at a time and explore at your own pace. While relationships might not have a ministry rating, everything is made a lot easier when you have some background knowledge!


 Finding a shop to buy a gift at is a difficult enough task on its own, much less knowing what to do with yourself (and your galleons) once you get to that point. Shelves lined with chocolates and flowers, racks of cards and balloons threatening to escape to the ceiling await you. When confronted with all of these options, what is a young lovebird to do?


 I suppose it's a trick question. While chocolates and the like are all rather nice, it's often much nicer to see something hand-made or hand-written. Transferring that energy from gift-hunting to gift-making pays off in the end whether it's payment in a love-laced grin as they see it or the warmth of the hug you receive. Though I believe it would be a fun idea to one day go over a craft to give as a gift, let's focus on buyable gifts at the moment. Cards are always a great go-to as they can be made personal at little cost and can be as much of a tear-jerker as a diamond ring.

Date Spots

 While The Three Broomsticks is a nice place to have a date, there's a lot more options out there. Be it a walk on the beach, as cliche as it sounds, or a picnic in a park, there are many things you can do. Similar to how a hand-made gift is nice, a hand-picked spot is as well. There's a certain joy to knowing your date planned out something for you rather than just settling upon a simple and crowded venue. Though, today at least, my winning pick would have to be a simple night in. While not always ideal for a first date due to its relative intimacy and privacy, it's a great way to get to know someone on a personal level. Unlike going out to a fancy restaurant or somewhere similar, it isn't accompanied by certain expectations and ends up with a far more casual and fun tone.


Match of the Edition

 For now, I cannot give advice to qualm any problems or concerns, as there currently are none brought to light. What I could do, however, is give advice for the horoscope-handy. Considering there are 144 types of love matches, just based on signs, this also doesn't seem like a favorable idea. Rather, I have reviewed all 144 and picked my favorite.. for now. Every relationship has ups and downs, its own personal advantages and disadvantages. This means most matches aren't particularly better than another, just unique.


 Aries and Aries, ambitious, explosive and passionate. The very opposite of "opposites attract", this match is certainly an interesting one. Aries is a fire sign, known for being impulsive and craving of individuality. As a cardinal sign, rams are driven by a need to lead which can lead to a lot of arguing and need for compromise. A relationship of two large personalities such as these can be merging perfectly one second and clashing the next. Rather than focusing on the latter, let's focus on the positive aspects of this match. Both rams would feel at-home, finding comfort in both their self-love (proven by being in a relationship with someone so similar) and the familiarity of their partner.

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Alya Black

Alya Black I love! Now I know where I can bring Laf!

Eleanor Mayfaire

Eleanor Mayfaire This is a great blog post! Great job!

Nicolette Fawley

Nicolette Fawley I now have better ideas if I ever get a boyfriend!

Avalon Harrington

Avalon Harrington I wish movie nights worked at Hogwarts! :(

Amber Strome

Amber Strome Awe! Now all I need is a boyfriend! Haha! Great writing Elaine! <3

Pete Potter

Pete Potter I have new ways with Elizbeth.

Maria Royer

Maria Royer Adorable!

Caitríona Hayes

Caitríona Hayes Ahhhh this code is so good! Lovely blog Elaine!

Gwenevere Pendragon

Gwenevere Pendragon Cute~!

Chiara Alberstein

Chiara Alberstein *Now has more ideas on where to bring Ody*

Elizana Potter

Elizana Potter Nice one!

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