Love Right: Love 101
Throbbing hearts and sweaty palms, love is both the cause and cure.

- From : Elaine Bellegarde

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Alya Black

Alya Black I love! Now I know where I can bring Laf!

Eleanor Mayfaire

Eleanor Mayfaire This is a great blog post! Great job!

Nicolette Fawley

Nicolette Fawley I now have better ideas if I ever get a boyfriend!

Avalon Harrington

Avalon Harrington I wish movie nights worked at Hogwarts! :(

Amber Strome

Amber Strome Awe! Now all I need is a boyfriend! Haha! Great writing Elaine! <3

Pete Potter

Pete Potter I have new ways with Elizbeth.

Maria Royer

Maria Royer Adorable!

Caitríona Hayes

Caitríona Hayes Ahhhh this code is so good! Lovely blog Elaine!

Gwenevere Pendragon

Gwenevere Pendragon Cute~!

Chiara Alberstein

Chiara Alberstein *Now has more ideas on where to bring Ody*

Elizana Potter

Elizana Potter Nice one!

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