Your Week Presented By Harry Potter
How do you live your week?

- From : Melody Santos


So everybodies weeks are different, some a little more hectic or even fulfilled than others but either way they must get rather exhausting. 


Ugh. Time for waking up early and dealing with responsibilities. Monday’s cannot be conquered without at least 5 cups of coffee. Good luck trying to keep the yawning to a minimum.




Tuesdays are just alright. You’re still tired but are ready to get work done and be productive. The Monday blues are behind you, so it is time to conquer all the tasks ahead of you. Don’t forget, you’re one day closer to the weekend!




Hump Daaayyyy!! It’s finally the middle of the work week and you couldn’t not be more excited. Yet you still seem tired and snappy and someone tells you to eat a snickers but…



It’s basically the weekend so you’re pumped and you're starting to make plans. Tonight is ladies night so go out with your girls and celebrate the upcoming weekend! Even though you really should be concentrating on the work.



You’re sitting at your desk at 9 a.m. and asking if it’s 5’o’clock yet. The excitement is uncontrollable and you find yourself daydreaming about the next 2 days.



You’re still ecstatic about the weekend so you try to make either as many plans as possible or none. However, you spend your weekend, I hope it’s exactly how you want it!



As the weekend comes to a close, you start to anticipate the various feelings that will come your way in the upcoming week. You may need a little magic to get you through the next work week (I suggest coffee)




However you spend you week/weekend, have an amazing one!



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Dyani Panson

Dyani Panson PARTY HARD

Marie Ravenclaw

Marie Ravenclaw LOLOLOL

Lora Potter

Lora Potter I love it,good advice :D

Banned user

Banned user Big bird, lol

Bonnie Weasley

Bonnie Weasley Love it! Best news I’ve seen all week XD #SaturdayIsTheBestDay

Bronze Granger

Bronze Granger Nice!

Addie Limewood

Addie Limewood Poor snickers...

Alexandra Barret

Alexandra Barret I loved it

Auriga Wolf

Auriga Wolf I love this! Thank you for making today a bit brighter :D

Verity Sparkes

Verity Sparkes yes the Snickers gif was hilarious!!!

Rosalie Carter

Rosalie Carter I loved the one with the Snickers. Because I indeed can relate...

Marion Foster

Marion Foster Yes.

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