I Can See In Color - Plot Team
Have you been wondering about the plot team, how to join, and what they do? Well, in this article, you will learn exactly that!

- From : Yami Amaya

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Meala Sang

Meala Sang Amazing, very informative and entertaining at the same time!! <3

Achinthya Sriman

Achinthya Sriman Loved this, reminded me of my time as a lilac mwehehe and I totally agree, everyone is super fun, it's honestly a splendid job! And amazing blog, love it! <3

Annabelle Tenebris

Annabelle Tenebris I loved the blog! It's amazing!

Ollie Anderson

Ollie Anderson Yeeees, apply mwehehe we are lots of fun and totally innocent, what? Why would we ever be chaotic?

Angela Higgins

Angela Higgins Wonderful article, Yami!

Eva Graunke

Eva Graunke I love this article! We are very chaotic, indeed ;3 go apply fo sho we'd love to have y'all on the team odjsiu <3

Banned user

Banned user Fjdjcmsjs wonderful article :D <3 -also go apply to the team so that you can be chaotic with us tehe-

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover Amazing blog, Yami!

Sylia Mikealson

Sylia Mikealson Wonderful article Yami!

Isabella Snapdragon

Isabella Snapdragon <3 amazing jo

Amara Falaguerra

Amara Falaguerra great article Yami! :)

Molly Edwards

Molly Edwards I love the code Yami! Very amazing work love!

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