Curiosity Becomes Fear
A case solved, but another dangerous situation presents itself... Things are about to get intense!

- From : Natalie Paige

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Rye Finland

Rye Finland This is very creative! I love it...the suspense, the flow, the idea...amazing! Sorry for the late comment xD Keep it up though <3

Kore Ephebic

Kore Ephebic I am so excited to see where this goes!

Vladimir Teppes

Vladimir Teppes Wow, such a perplexing yet so mysterious story, with an array of different characters, each with a backstory yet to be told. Hooking the reader in with a heavy curiosity to want to know more. THis article was amazing Natalie. <3 I hope I get to read the rest of the story! You've got my support and interest in the story. :3

angela burns

angela burns Great Article!

Banned user

Banned user I love it! Great work here! <3

Bethany Weasley

Bethany Weasley Oh my i lve it

Harmony McCoyle

Harmony McCoyle Nice!! good job <3

Lillian Phoenix

Lillian Phoenix Cool!

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