From the Kitchen ~ Vol. 2
This is one of those blogs that I can compare to a banana because you will find it really 'a-peeling'...

- From : Dev Hudson

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Banned user

Banned user Cool your first blog thats amazing

Bethany Weasley

Bethany Weasley wow simply amazing

Izzy Cleo

Izzy Cleo Brilliant, Dev! But I become very hungry reading your blog.. afksfsh anyway, I shall try making these soon! And for le QOTD, I say.. I have no idea. Maybe, just maybe, I will. Awesomely done, Dev! :D

Natalie Paige

Natalie Paige Fantastic work my friend!

Meala Sang

Meala Sang This is a brilliant blog, Dev!! Argh, now I'm hungry... how about some chocolate-chip cereal bars...

Banned user

Banned user DEV!! I might have you next to me in the kitchen... YOU'VE MADE ME HUNGRY NOW

Amara Falaguerra

Amara Falaguerra the pun- UZETDFGH but ohmygosh this looks delicious >.< and would I eat the cake? eeeh not sure- amazing article old Dev! <3

Providence Ng

Providence Ng This is amazing :D Look forward to reading (and cooking) more!

Rye Finland

Rye Finland OMG Dev! I am craving those now! Great job Dev! I'll definitely give this a try at home!

Anne Ashford

Anne Ashford Ah dang it, the ghosts showing up when eating D:< but, how can one not overeat when everything is so delicious? Anyway, what a great job Dev, maybe we can get a cake like this for your next birthday... just gotta play around with the frosting to make it look a little different, eh? Well, anyway, good job, I love this :3

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