Written in the Stars || Andromeda
Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what those little stars are? Well I got you covered! This is a new edition, and today we are going to be doing Andromeda

- From : Molly Edwards

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Evelyn Wintersea

Evelyn Wintersea :O such a cool blog in my absolutely unbiased opinion <3

Arya Cavelli

Arya Cavelli I ADORE THIS AIJGIAOAOIGA starry starry niiighttt also Astronomy! 10/10 will read again <3

Lucy Fredrer

Lucy Fredrer So Andro is daughter of Cassiopeia??

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover THIS WAS AMAZING MOLLY! and YES CINA! ILY! <33333 I'll have to poke her to this if she hasn't seen it already! xD

Damla Malfoy

Damla Malfoy It was one of those blogs that I enjoyed reading. Congratulations on a very well written blog.

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil What a wonderful blog! You included some really interesting info! I can't wait for more!

Andromeda Grey

Andromeda Grey Oh wow! A blog about ME! sort of. Lovely!

Meala Sang

Meala Sang This was a wonderful blog Molly!! I really loved the story you mentioned <3 It was also so informative :D I'm so excited for the next blog!! I just love Astronomy u.u

Unicorn Hermione

Unicorn Hermione EE!!!! I loved this article Molleh!!!! Can't wait to see the next one :D <3

Annabelle Tenebris

Annabelle Tenebris Amazing blog, Molly! Cna't wait for the next one <3

Cassie Schacklebolt

Cassie Schacklebolt Good job Molly!

Flora Collins

Flora Collins So interesting! I really enjoyed reading Molly! <3

Katherine Edwards

Katherine Edwards Amazing blog Molly and really informative! I love it!!

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