Magicalizing Muggle Pranks Vol 5
Looking to up your pranking game? Need revenge on our pesky poltergeist? Or are you simply bored and hoping to have a little fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right blog! Welcome to Magicalizing Muggle Pranks, where we take the most mundane concepts of mischief making and transform them into epic chaos creations!

- From : Dev Hudson

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Antheia Anderson

Antheia Anderson Dev, what a cooktastic blog as usual! (cat with sunglasses emoji) everytime i read your blogs, i get super hungry O: Sherbet lemons sound yummy! I would totally eat them :D

Vigdis Lovejoy

Vigdis Lovejoy great article dev!! that pudding pun- smh. xD uuhhh i definitely want to try the recipe for the pudding and the sherbet lemons. O: or do i just want to eat both things without doing the cooking? hmm, yes. dang, now i'm hungry xD

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover My goodness! All these recipes sound absolutely amazing! I'm very hungry now - as for the Dumbledore thing...hmmm good question! I think YES sherbet lemons! :3 Totally! Anyway, lovely facts and details, Dev!

Banned user

Banned user FINALLY!! I found a recipe for this that I can actually find easily. Thank you Dev!!!

Aurora Helga

Aurora Helga Whaaaat no way :o these are making me hungry again, uh mister, this was simply amazing! We don’t pudd’ up with you, we love you (sunglasses dude) and le article, although for lemon sherbets, anytime is for sweets, I’m with Dumbledore ;) I would also like to order a levitating cake! Increidbleee :o

Angelika Lazuli

Angelika Lazuli Sherbet lemons would probably hurt my teeth... but I like lemon-flavored things. :)

Anne Ashford

Anne Ashford Dev, Dev, Dev... You sure know how to make one hungry, ey? D: This wasn't part of the deal! But awesome blog, Dev! The more recipes your provide, the more I get to cook at midnight. Ahem, I mean - the more I get to cook in general, right. :sunglasses:

Achinthya Sriman

Achinthya Sriman Omg these recipes dffghdgsjf i'm extremely hungry ;-; thanks, Dev. also if i were Dumbledore.. I would definitely eat sherbet lemons, yes. Why wouldn't i? 0.o do i not have teeth due to old age? idk anyway um xD Also the 'pudding up' thing, pls seriously T~T now i'm hungry AND exasperated xD great, great blog tho, i just LOVE it n.n

Bella Shelby

Bella Shelby OMG now im very very HUNGRY

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