Through The Classes Volume 2
We all love the classes and we all love the professors and they all have reasons why they feel their class is important and I am here to tell you about the class and here to also provide you the reason why they feel their class is more important! enjoy the blog

- From : Bella Shelby

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Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne Thank you for having me in your nice blog, Miss McPherson. I must add that the curse that had rested for so many years on my class has been lifted with the death of the one who had placed it - namely, Lord Voldemort.

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter Great blog, Bella!! DADA's one of my favorite classes, it's one of those...dark-ish subjects, I guess? It's an individualistic and independent class, that's what I like about it.

Gianna Whitlock

Gianna Whitlock this is such a cool blog, i love it!

Zahra Draco

Zahra Draco It’s such an awesome blog bells!!

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