Muggle Mayhem: Episode I
Muggles can be so confusing sometimes. How do they live without magic? In this blog we will take a look at a bunch of interesting Muggle objects so you don’t have to be confused anymore!

- From : Banhi Patil

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Zaidee Xenakis

Zaidee Xenakis Thank you Neil! :D Thank you for the wonderful article, Mama Eagle! <3

Frederick Hamilton

Frederick Hamilton Woah, I haven't given muggles the credit they deserve! Who knew one tiny box could do so much! Amazing blog!

Bianca Eloise

Bianca Eloise I have researched these things before! They are so strange and I personally don't think the Wizarding World should have them even if we could. I have heard that young Muggles get so addicted to them they actually lose some of their traditions that have gone on for decades. Just imagine us losing the practice of magic due to this thing. Thank goodness we couldn't use them at Hogwarts anyway. Amazing amazing blog Banhi! They never fail to amaze.

Hale Grant

Hale Grant I love this blog. I cant wait to read more!

Arya Cavelli

Arya Cavelli Cellawhatisit? I mean, they sound better than owls-the speed is the issue here, but they also sound *looks around and then whispers* complicated. Amazing blog, Banhi, looking forward to reading more!

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